COVID-19 Resources Page now available

We just created an online repository of resources to help startups during this global crisis. It includes articles, lists and other resources. For now it’s in a very basic format and we will polish it with time.

Send us all articles and other resources that might be relevant for a Founder or CEO of a Maritime Startup in those days, and we will include them in the repository.

You can reach us on or connect with our CEO Leonardo Zangrando on LinkedIn and pass him the info.

With your help we’re going to make the Maritime Startup Ecosystem stronger!

Welcome to Startup Wharf

We are the Independent, Global, Virtual Hub of Startups and Startup-driven Maritime Transformation. We support startups from all over the world gain exposure in the sector, and we help industry and investors find and engage with maritime startups.

Quarterly Maritime Startup Ecosystem Chart

We have been tracking all active maritime startups and scaleups since 2017, our network is 250 strong and growing at 15 new companies every month. We have a direct relationship with each one of them, to be able to fulfill our mission to accelerate startups progress and spawn maritime transformation, ethically and sustainably.

Yearly insights report

We explore the impact of digitalisation on global Shipping and Trade in partnership with major industry players. The last edition of the Trade 2.0 Insights report was sponsored by Inmarsat and was presented last September at the London International Shipping Week by the UK Minister of Shipping Nusrat Ghani.

( Get in touch about sponsoring opportunities for the 2020 edition. )

Thought Leadership

We give talks on Startup-driven Maritime Transformation at global maritime innovation events like the Singapore Maritime Technology Conference 2019, the Smart Maritime Network Copenhagen 2019.

We are proud to support the IMO on Startup-driven Maritime Transformation in partnership with the Nautical Institute and Navozyme. We help answer questions such as

  • How can regulators and specifically the IMO support Startup-driven Maritime Transformation by simplifying the rules for innovations that fall outside of the current regulatory framework?
  • And why is it much more important today than it was in the past?

Check our recent IMO talk on Regulating for Innovation in Maritime below, and visit our videos page for more content.

We Back the Contract for the Web

We back the Contract for the Web by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the first-ever global plan of action to make our online world safe and empowering for everyone.

The web is one of the most powerful tools we’ve ever had to transform our lives for the better. Never before has the web’s power for good been more under threat.

We believe this is very relevant in Maritime, where the web and digital transformation can help make Maritime a Triple Bottom Line sector, which takes care responsibly for its People and the People and Organisations it serves, the Planet and its Oceans, while running the business ethically and profitably.