Access to the Confidential Section

The confidential section is only visible to vetted Maritme Companies and investors, who guarantee that they are not going to share the content they see here outside of their organisation. Check how to get access.

We take extreme care in vetting the companies and investors who have access, with these critical aspects:

  • Companies are existing maritime companies which are normally trading, and which have shown active interest in startup-driven innovation
  • Investors are existing qualified investor with an active interest in the maritime sector
  • Other companies, including startups and scaleups, do NOT have access to the Confidential section.

Investor or Maritime Company – check how to get access to the most extensive network of maritime startups and find the right opportunity for a deal

Startups and Scaleups can use this section to showcase what they are doing to vetted companies and investors. Specifically:

  • show the Elevator Pitch video to Investor
  • show the Investment Pitch video and share the Pitch Deck with Investors
  • show a Sales Presentation video and share its Sales Presentation with Maritime Companies
  • show other videos which are relevant for the audience

Startup or Scaleup – check how to gain exposure to vetted professionals and increase the opportunities to find the right deal.