Free Mini-Course + VOWW slides

Get the slides from Leonardo Zangrando’s presentation at the Vessel Optimisation Webinar Week plus a free mini-course!

New website launch!

We just launched our new website (this one!) with tons of new content for the Maritime Startup Ecosystem: Startups, Maritime Companies and Investors, Check what’s new!

The days of innovation theatre and startup tourism are over!

It’s time for the startup and scaleup community to tell corporate innovators what needs to be done to protect our future. See how.


A living document including useful ways to mitigate or resolve COVID-19 induced challenges around the world for policy makers, startups, and their communities.

Startup Wharf launches Trade 2.0 – Japan

It’s out! The first of a series of reports on the development of Regional Maritime Startup Ecosystems in global maritime hubs.

Marin – The Future of Ocean Energy and Shipping – Online

MARIN has just announced a new virtual conference for the end of May, to replace 2 conferences that were cancelled due to Covid.

Marine Traffic brings smoother sailing

The advent of “weather optimised routing” which will decongestion traditional commercial routes, make sailing safer and reduce cargo losses.

Barcelona re-start

Barcelona activates €56m investments to re-start its maritime ecosystem after the crisis

Giving Exposure to the Maritime Startup Ecosystem

Soft-Launch of our new platform to give exposure to Maritime Startups from the Ecosystem

Governments, Don’t Let your Startups and Scaleups Die

The Importance of Well-Designed Funding Policy in Times of Crisis - from Startup Genome series of reports on COVID

So what is this Maritime Startup Ecosystem Index anyways?

We wanted to create an index that is interesting and significant. Here’s what we did.

Inmarsat launch of our joint report Trade 2.0 – Japan

Thank you Inmarsat for the great collaboration and for sponsoring this report!

COVID-19 Information Dashboard

Free resource from Geollect and IGP&I

Startup operational tactics for COVID

A collection of operational tactics for startups in times of crisis

The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Startup Ecosystems

Startup Genome series of reports on COVID

90 Startup Grants List

A collaborative list of startups grants

A Fresh Start for Shippers Globally after COVID – masterclass

A series of short interviews with experts on how to cope with the crisis

COVID-19 Crunchbase Resources

Crunchbase Resources to Help Your Business and the Community During COVID-19

COVID-19 Investor Status List

A collaborative list of investors’ status

Commercial Response Strategy

Realigning Commercial Activities to th enew situation

Customer Discovery in the Time of the Covid-19 Virus

How to ‘Get out of the Building’ in times of COVID

Letter to Founders by SquarePeg Capital

A VC letter to its startups

Tough startup advice from Steve Blank

How to take control of what’s happenng to your startup after the crisis