SEAPort Solutions

We offer integral IT solutions to optimize port call processes.


eYARD offers a cloud based Technology Platform that optimizes container positions and reduces considerably terminal costs.


AMLab is an industrial robotics company with a retrofit solution for autonomous operations in ship-to-shore cranes.


We developed the i4cast® software: a smart system that supports port terminals´s decision-making by understanding the influence of ocean and weather conditions on each specific vessel.


Bertht is a decision support system for port berth allocation and quay crane assignment.

Grieg Connect

Making small and medium sized ports and terminals highly competitive digital logistic hubs.

Volteo Maritime

Reimagining maritime operations, one experience at a time.

Marine Digital

SAAS TOS for container/bulk/general cargo terminals


Water depth Prediction platform for ports and water-ways.


SimPlus provides software and consultancy solutions to enable smart ports


Rombit makes maritime services, port terminals and petrochemical plants more efficient, safe and dynamic. The tech company develops integrated software- and hardware solutions.


We provide digital tools, i.e. Pronto, that enable port call optimization, resulting in lower CO2 emissions in shipping and higher efficiency around port calls.

LR Tech Inc.

FT-IR spectroradiometer


Data intelligence for port and drayage operations


Optimising your Port Operations!


we geolocate the containers during road transport, predict the real ETA´s and warn about the incidents in the ‘last mile’

Proa Technology Pte. Ltd.

Proa is a platform that enables service professionals to have on-demand access to launch boats through a mobile application.


AI planning tools for container terminals and carriers


Visual real-time shared insight - enabling smart decision making and continuous learning. Context-aware IT-solutions for port call and barge

ECOncrete Tech Ltd

High performance bio-enhancing concrete solutions for coastal and marine infrastructure


AquaSmartXL provides inspection and surveying services with their unique AquaDrone systems.