We build portable autonomous underwater drones for confined flooded space inspections

Illogic llc

Wearable edge IIOT computing device for remote assistance for maintenance/operation on ships/plants.


Upteko develops innovative drone solutions for the maritime sector


BunkerPlanner is a bunker procurement tool, which supports you in choosing the right Port, Volume and Grade of bunker, to minimize costs (1-3%).


Westray increases the situational awareness of the officers on the bridge, by merging optical sensors with the onboard signals


A curated list of solutions, from basics such as Distance Tables and Vessel Tracking to Voyage Estimation, Vessel Management softwares


Spoolify is an AI platform to connect service related jobs in the maritime industry to skilled personnel

Vento Maritime

Providing operational marine weather forecasting services and consultancy for the offshore and shipping business sectors.


Maritime Fleet Management for Technical Management

Avetics Global Pte Ltd

Provision of confine space inspection in vessels using drones


ioCurrents has built the world’s most advanced predictive analytics platform for the Maritime operations.


Sensor devices and predictive analytics for improving safety and reducing operations costs


Online maritime B2B marketplace for spare parts and consumables.

Zara Maritime

Zara Maritime is a Marine Crisis and Contingency Management Company that performs Inspections, Investigations, Surveys to minimise commercial losses for clients, Ship Owners, managers, P&I and H&M

Yxney Maritime

Yxney Maritime develops the Maress software and executes data analytics projects for reducing fuel consumption and emission footprints.

Tardid Technologies Pvt Ltd

Prescriptive Analytics for Structural & Machine Health using Physics based Artificial Intelligence for Heavy Industries

Chord X

Chord X uses the latest IoT and AI developments and applies it to maritime equipment, engineering digital products and services that enable crew and fleet managers to make data-driven decisions.

Cargologik Inc.

Cargologik is a beautifully simplified freight collaboration and communication platform that allows both forwarders and shippers to better stay in-sync and improve operations.


blkSAIL is building autonomy for the maritime industry.


Scoutbase is a digital tool that helps prevent human error with real-time data.

Bunker Connect

We provide a world-class independent platform to facilitate transparent transactions between vessel operators and physical bunker suppliers.

METIS Cyberspace Technology SA

Metis provides an end-to-end digital transformation solution that enables shipping companies to assess the vessel performance, monitor present operation and predict future behavior.

CoVadem Services BV

More Cargo, Less fuel. Improved environmental performance. Turning on board data into real time depth information and smart, river condition related performance metrics..


Google Maps for vessels

Intelligent Cargo Systems

Intelligent Cargo Systems are the team behind CargoMate, a cargo operations monitoring system for container ships, improving visibility and operational efficiency for shipping companies.


Nautical charts platform for web and mobile apps


nauticAi is all about intelligent maritime awareness solutions that help our customers make more money faster, while increasing safety.


The smartphone app NautilusLog is a digital logbook, proactively optimizing workflows and connecting ships with maritime actors and their services.


With our FS MARINE+ solution FUELSAVE reduces fuel consumption and cuts emissions on maritime vessels to become cleaner and more Energy-efficient.


Shone is building the smart AI co-pilot for ships


We are the leading booking platform for tank containers.


Find your optimal bunker plan in seconds using our advanced algorithms.


KPI Traker

SkyLab Services Pte Ltd

SkyLab is a digital performance company that optimises the delivery of Content, Software and Machine Data for mission critical applications globally.


E-marketplace for Ship supplies

ReFlow Maritime

We deliver the world’s first digital platform to facilitate the use of circular economy on the maritime industry.


Opsealog helps Oil&Gas operators generate savings in Marine logistics.


Solverminds is a software and analytics solution company specializing in providing enterprise application and analytical solutions for maritime industry

Group Nautical Pte Ltd

Creating Industry relevant Application of the Emerging Technologies to Maritime Operations. e.g. Blockchain, IoT , Power BI and WebGL


Creating transparency and new insights into the bunker and shipping industry.


We do multi-objective route optimization

maruFreight, Inc.

Digital Ecosystem for Maritime and Supply Chain Management

Seametrix software

Sea Distance Calculation, Voyage estimation, Bunkers prices, Marine weather forecasts


We provide predictive analytics for optimisation on all levels of operations of the maritime industry.


Fuel efficiency for ships


SailRouterâ„¢ enables insight into real-world ship performances in order to reduce vessel’s fuel consumption by using data.


We provide Digital Marine Fleet Services to assist operators to digital marine operations such as fuel consumption, engine conditional monitoring and E-logging.

ShipsKart Marine Pvt Ltd , ShipsKart Marine BV

A supply chain e-commerce solution for the maritime and offshore domain.


The only modern software for dry-docking.

Orca AI

Orca AI brings cutting-edge technology into the world of maritime, with the mission of building the brain for autonomous ships


Turn supply chain documents into data


WhaleWashing is a car-wash for ships, it cleans the hull of vessels in-water. It is fast, environmentally safe and very competitive. Shipowners will save fuel and money and lower the emissions.

Ship Supplies Direct

Ship Supplies Direct aims to use digital technologies to transform the way ships get their supplies