IMO talk on Regulating for Innovation

How can regulators and specifically the IMO support Startup-driven Maritime Transformation by simplifying the rules for innovations that fall outside of the current regulatory framework?

And why is it much more important today than it was in the past?

SMTC2019 panel on Ecosystems Collaboration

How can local ecosystems of maritime innovation collaborate on a global scale to support Startup-driven Maritime Transformation?

MSE 2019-Q1 Launch at Sea Asia

Where does the Ecosystem stand in Q1-2019? How is it developing?

WOF Korea 2018 talk on Innovation Validation

How can a Startup validate innovative ideas against the market with the minimum amount of investment in time and money, to be able to refine their model before running out of cash?

Startup Hub at Shipping2030 Copenhagen 2018

A micro-programme to bring 4 startups in fromt of the Maritime audience, from startup selection and pitch training to pitch day at Shipping2030.