Better Insights, Less Waste. Teqplay is a context broker that provides insights empowering the shipping industry to make smarter and better informed decisions in both planning and execution.


PortXchange is a digital collaboration platform for shipowners, agents, terminals, and port authorities. By improving communication during a port call, we make them predictable and lower CO2 emissions


Optimization in Container Terminal operations by applied high-accuracy forecasting using AI and advanced analytics, resulting to 10% reduced cost and 20% increased productivity.

StratumFive Ltd

A British tech company supplying and distributing mission-critical information via secure terrestrial and satellite networks through Podium, our advanced, configurable and collaborative workspace.

Cargologik Inc.

Cargologik is a beautifully simplified freight collaboration and communication platform that allows both forwarders and shippers to better stay in-sync and improve operations.


Transmetrics provides cargo companies with an accurate demand forecast and network optimization based on AI and predictive analytics to increase their operational efficiency and reduce transport costs


Bulugo is an online bunker fuel and lubricant procurement platform that digitalizes the traditional marine sourcing process.

SOL-X Pte. Ltd.

SOL-X is a safety and risk management company that centres our products on protecting workers, improving productivity, increasing compliance and sustainability.

3D Modelling Studio

Real-time solution for waste measuring!

InsureMyTrans AB

IMT offers an automated Transport Insurance quote and bind system, including a rapid claims resolution for the Freight and Logistics space.