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Fuel efficiency and operational savings for the maritime industry


Better Insights, Less Waste. Teqplay is a context broker that provides insights empowering the shipping industry to make smarter and better informed decisions in both planning and execution.

Ankaa Ltd

Innovative digital platform to manage, share and gather personal information and vocational documentation


PortXchange is a digital collaboration platform for shipowners, agents, terminals, and port authorities. By improving communication during a port call, we make them predictable and lower CO2 emissions


Optimization in Container Terminal operations by applied high-accuracy forecasting using AI and advanced analytics, resulting to 10% reduced cost and 20% increased productivity.

StratumFive Ltd

A British tech company supplying and distributing mission-critical information via secure terrestrial and satellite networks through Podium, our advanced, configurable and collaborative workspace.

Marine Digital

We created a ML based system for shipowners and shipping companies - Marine Digital FOS (Fuel optimization system & Vessel performance monitoring)

Cargologik Inc.

Cargologik is a beautifully simplified freight collaboration and communication platform that allows both forwarders and shippers to better stay in-sync and improve operations.


Transmetrics provides cargo companies with an accurate demand forecast and network optimization based on AI and predictive analytics to increase their operational efficiency and reduce transport costs


Bulugo is an online bunker fuel and lubricant procurement platform that digitalizes the traditional marine sourcing process.

SOL-X Pte. Ltd.

SOL-X is a safety and risk management company that centres our products on protecting workers, improving productivity, increasing compliance and sustainability.

3D Modelling Studio

Real-time solution for waste measuring!

InsureMyTrans AB

IMT offers an automated Transport Insurance quote and bind system, including a rapid claims resolution for the Freight and Logistics space.

Nautilus Labs

Nautilus Labs is advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce through artificial intelligence.


TideWise designs, builds and operates unmanned marine systems that make offering services at sea safer and cheaper.


If wind is available, let's use it to power vessels using our innovative wingsail system.


Loginno turns shipping containers into data miners, unlocking disruptive benefits for the logistics industry


Onepush helps you build ships better. You can transform your 3D design into high quality building packages for structural building. It's the only online automated production preparation tool.


eOdyn developps its Omni-Situ technology measuring ocean dynamics (wind/wave/current) and associated services. eOdyn bridges the gap between machine learning, oceanography and seafaring.

EMH Systems Ltd.

Environmental compliance solutions for the maritime industry.


Our vision at BOXXPORT is clear: we want to digitize the shipping container service industry and make cooperation easier, faster and more comfortable for you – the market participants.

Storm Glass

Storm Glass is a professional Global Weather API. Marine weather including tide is available globally.


Cargo claim compensation and commercial debt collection services to support shippers globally.


Digital Twin of waterways


We provide cloud based platform for ship owners and charterers to share ship data.


ShipScope brings the best e-learning platform to inspire the younger generation and professional who want to learn about commercial shipping subjects.


WAVEbl is a digital courier platform that mirrors the traditional process for transferring original paper documents ⁠— electronically.


we move freight but we do it by simplifying logistics! With a simple touch, swipe - or even a click - you can do things like Book, Ship and Track, any time - any where.


OrbitMI is SaaS company. Orbit is a technology innovation hub, powered by AI & machine learning that integrates multiple systems, data feeds, workflows and reporting in one unified interface.


Port and Maritime Management


nauticAi is all about intelligent maritime awareness solutions that help our customers make more money faster, while increasing safety.


We facilitate the inter-owner/operator optimization process of maritime parcel trades.


Digital Platform for Logistics


Shipit.to is a digital logistics platform with a mission to create supply chain clarity for its customers.


Digitalization of onboard machinery and equipment

Wind & Wing Technologies

We develop, manufacture and sell autonomous wing sails for passenger and shipping vessels, providing truly renewable wind-assist technology.


We developed the i4cast® software: a smart system that supports the maritime industry with high accuracy predictability tools for the industry's operations.


BunkerPlanner is a bunker procurement tool, which supports you in choosing the right Port, Volume and Grade of bunker, to minimize costs (1-3%).

Urban Hawk

We change raw data, collected in Smart environments like Smart Cities, into commercial intel to save cost and reduce on turnaround time.


Awake.AI is a software platform company building an ecosystem for smart ports and shipping.


Sinay helps maritime businesses to be more sustainable and profitable using AI

ACUA Ocean

ACUA Ocean is a UK-based maritime clean-technology start-up. We have developed a zero-carbon emission uncrewed surface vessel (USV) as a solution delivery platform.

Tive, Inc.

Tive Solutions; flexible, scalable solutions bringing end-to-end visibility to global supply chain through hyper-accurate and real-time shipment location and condition insights.

Plan M8

Planned maintenance software for yachts

FreightFlows, Inc.

We help traders, shippers, owners and brokers conduct trade more intelligently


Vesseljoin is a Maritime job social network that directly connects seafarers with shipping companies.


Standardisation and digitisation of Statements of Fact.

AllRead MLT

AllRead MLT is a deep tech Startup specialized in spotting and reading alphanumeric text in operational environments, through its own cutting-edge intelligent character recognition technology.


AR software for maritime oil and gas industry


We provide real time shipment tracking. We are bringing innovation to maritime and logistics industry with a flexible, affordable and easy to use solution.

C Teleport

Marine & offshore travel platform. Book, change and cancel marine flights online.


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Seafair helps seafarers find the best opportunities at sea


Navisense provides real-time AIS event detection for the maritime world.



trusteddocks.com GmbH

The matchmaking platform for shipyards and ship owners


We deliver data entry automation across your entire logistics organization


GreenSteam uses machine learning to analyze and optimize the fuel efficiency of big ships.


Fuel efficiency for ships


Making Ocean Freight Transparent and Simple

ARX Mouldings

ARX Mouldings provides anti-piracy products to prevent boardings from taking place in high-risk areas.


Maritime logistics, minus the hassle. The first Logistics Enablement platform empowering freight forwarding teams.


AMLab specialises in industrial robotics, offering a retrofit solution for quay cranes to operate autonomously.

ZShips International Community Contribution Company Ltd.

Wave Energy for Zero-Fuel, Zero-Emissions Electric Commercial Ships.

TechBinder BV

improve human machine communication by combining the latest technologies


Solverminds is a software and analytics solution company specializing in providing enterprise application and analytical solutions for maritime industry

CoLoadX Corporation

CoLoadX is the online marketplace and platform for the $80 billion international container shipping industry.

Navozyme Pte Ltd

Navozyme's blockchain platforms facilitate critical data interchange for key maritime processes amongst stakeholders thus enhancing safety, productivity & reputation, and facilitating decarbonisation.


Optimizing liner network

MatchBack Systems

Leading logistics SaaS company reshaping the marine intermodal industry with innovative solutions for container street-turns that reduce costs, improve efficiencies and eliminate emissions.


To easiest way to manage your crew


We do multi-objective route optimization


CyberOwl's mission is to shift organisations towards an active, risk-based security posture


Upteko develops innovative drone solutions for the maritime sector


We build portable autonomous underwater drones for confined flooded space inspections


TUGDOCK is a new patented modular floating dry dock.

ECOncrete Tech Ltd

High performance bio-enhancing concrete solutions for coastal and marine infrastructure


Innovative maritime solution for Crew and Fleet Management.


Port-WiFi is a data connectivity partner for the Maritime industry


Kpler is the leading provider of data-driven transparency solutions in commodity markets, maritime flows and shipping operations. Crude Oil - Refined Products - LNG - LPG - Dry Bulk.


Wind assist propulsion for cargo ships


FrontM drives ship to shore collaboration and workflow automation, increasing productivity and safety


Identify, Track and Realtime Locate wheeled cargo inside ships and on port premises

Illogic llc

Wearable edge IIOT computing device for remote assistance for maintenance/operation on ships/plants.


seaV is the free app for seafarers to record and share their professional experience

HHX.blue GmbH

Maritime Fintech Ecosystem

XShip Design and Analytics

We help the shipping industry save fuel and money using data analytics by helping them choose the right maintenance time, right energy-saving solution, and right trim during operations.


We are the leading booking platform for tank containers.

Greywing Pte Ltd

We track vessels and scan Ports, Flights and Immigration restrictions to automate Crew Changes

Aasutosh Marine

Multivendor,B2b Ecommerce platform for all Marine Product and services.

Orca AI

Orca AI brings cutting-edge technology into the world of maritime, with the mission of building the brain for autonomous ships

Shipsfocus Services Pte Ltd.

ShipsFocus is a maritime-dedicated venture studio that turns customers' creative ideas into practical applications that generate recurring value.

Tow-botic Systems

Next generation towage technology eliminating the towrope


SIRM Italia S.r.l., is a leading companies in the supply, management and maintenance of electronic equipment and in the provision of Satellite services combined with maritime Cloud solutions

Blockshipping A/S

The business model of Blockshipping is to leverage advanced AI in optimization of container flows, & empty container logistics for Container Terminals and Container Lines.

Cargoo AG

Digital supply chain solution that provides full transparency from source to market, giving you greater control of logistics from start to finish.


Xeneta is the leading ocean and air freight rates benchmarking and market intelligence platform with over 200+MN rates.

Riverr Pte. Ltd.

Riverr has developed an online trust management system. It helps people in hazardous situations, where lives and large amounts of money are at stake, to show they know how to operate safely.


We’re introducing VR based training by developing our own environmental math model, which allows to simulate familiarization and accident learn cases. We're focused on safety trainings.

Yxney Maritime

Yxney Maritime develops the Maress software and executes data analytics projects for reducing fuel consumption and emission footprints.


Making supply chains more secure and efficient using decentralised technologies like blockchain


Transforming knowledge into data in fields of security, inspection and maintenance.

Cerekon Pte Ltd

CEREKON is a provider of AI & IoT field solutions, using wearable solutions for industrial use.

CargoX Ltd.

Tokenized Electronic Bill of Lading with transfer of title on the DLT(Blockchain).


Data intelligence for port and drayage operations

Marlin AI

Marlin is an AI powered solution to optimize the land-side movements of containers for shipping lines, helping enhance their utilization and revenue streams.

Marinus Global Limited

Saving time for suppliers on last mile delivery and saving costs for ship managers beyond procurement solutions


End-to-end, cross company tracking and collaboration SaaS platform for the supply chain industry.


Seaber helps bulk & breakbulk charterers, shipowners & brokers improve efficiency through the digitalisation of key operational processes, such as schedule planning and communications.


Proving an online platform specifically for marine lubricants as leading cost driver in technical ship management.


An online marketplace for Importers and Exporters to work more easily and efficiently with forwarders for their air and ocean freight shipments, with one log in and one vendor account.


AquaSmartXL provides inspection and surveying services with their unique AquaDrone systems.

Chord X

Data-driven solutions providing crew with real-time information on engine performance, allowing engineers to detect anomalies, while identifying probable causes of inefficiencies and other issues.


We are a collaborative platform simplifying all maritime container transport operations and processes for exporters & importers

Bulk Container Group Inc

Maritime assets and Container Trading platform.


AI planning tools for container terminals and carriers


We at SHIPSTA are developing software to simplify and automate logistics procurement.

Boundary Layer Technologies

Hydrofoil cargo ships that deliver ocean freight 3x faster

See Your Box

SYB is an IoT system integrator providing a digital platform that monitors products and people

Vento Maritime

Providing operational marine weather forecasting services and consultancy for the offshore and shipping business sectors.

Menteith Ltd

Sources and provides raw shipping and maritime data to technology companies


Windward is a maritime analytics company, marrying big data, AI and maritime expertise to make the seas safer, and help the maritime ecosystem thrive.


Haulio is Singapore’s largest container haulage platform, with the greater vision of transforming Southeast Asia's port logistics through technology.


We provide Digital Marine Fleet Services to assist operators to digital marine operations such as fuel consumption, engine conditional monitoring and E-logging.


SimPlus provides software and consultancy solutions to enable smart ports

PortX - OptiPort

Optimising your Port Operations!


Calculation of Demurrage claims on the move..laytime anywhere anytime


Online booking platform for Ocean Cargo

Group Nautical Pte Ltd

Group Nautical is a Maritime technology Co. with Docuchain, VR PAL and Port eStow Solutions in its portfolio built on BlockChain, WebGL and Virtual Reality Technology.


iContainers is the first Online Freight Forwarder


physical port call optimisation


Chain.io is the integration platform that connects supply chain systems across different technologies from EDI to API.


Neurored is the #1 Salesforce solution for logistics, integrated with key supply chain solutions (INTTRA, OceanInsights, Traxxon) and offering a disruptive logistics-as-a-service model


Oiltech startup focused on oil trading analytics. We combined data sets from maritime intelligence and AIS to create highly contextualized views and insights on the oil trading flows.

SEA-KIT International

We design, manufacturer and operate Unmanned Surface Vessels

Agree Freight

Freight agreement and booking platform


Freight Rate Management

Marine Performance Systems B.V.

We reduce the friction of the ship, when sailing, for better operating performance and lower operating costs and emissions.


CargoSnap developed a solution that solves the burden of maintaining Proof of Condition evidence on cargoes handled by Shippers and Logistics Service Providers.


Makes a freight agreement and booking a 30 second job

NVTS Night Vision Technology Solutions LLC

NVTS designs and builds EO/IR camera systems for US military and allied countries & offshore wind/maritime, with applications on manned/autonomous vessels and ground vehicles.

SafChain Automation LLC

Port Automation, Developing APIs and Cloud Services for Maritime Industry

AELER Technologies

The world's most advanced shipping container, available as a service. Made with new materials and fully connected, it significantly improves efficiency, visibility and sustainability.

Vortexa Ltd

We are an oil data analytics company that uses machine learning and satellite data to track crude and refined products flows in real time. We have the most complete set of oil cargo data available.

ShipReality Inc.

Develop a cutting-edge (VR/MR) shipping digital twin platform that links design automation, remote support / operations, and immersive training and speeds up the green energy switch.


Qwyk builds applications that help forwarders of any size move their business into a digital direction, helping them to compete with digital forwarders for the ecommerce space.


We build AI products to spur growth, augment decision-making and manage risk.

METIS Cyberspace Technology SA

Metis provides an end-to-end digital transformation solution that enables shipping companies to assess the vessel performance, monitor present operation and predict future behavior.

ReFlow Maritime

We deliver the world's first digital platform to facilitate the use of circular economy on the maritime industry.

Intelligent Cargo Systems

Intelligent Cargo Systems CargoMate platform provides real-time cargo operations visibility of container ships, to improve fleet performance, reduce port idle time and fuel consumption.


Zizo is a data and analytics specialist software provider and consultancy, delivering solutions for data engineering, data science, analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


Google Maps for vessels


Scoutbase is a digital tool that helps reduce human error with real-time data.

SEAPort Solutions

We offer integral IT solutions to optimize port call processes.


Trames specializes in end to end supply chain orchestration across unique supply chains, for MNCs and their existing logistics partners


Westray increases the situational awareness of the officers on the bridge, by merging optical sensors with the onboard signals


A curated list of solutions, from basics such as Distance Tables and Vessel Tracking to Voyage Estimation, Vessel Management softwares


Portcast is a predictive analytics platform that provides transparency on cargo flows i.e. how much cargo will be shipped and when will it arrive.


Totum is a revolutionary wireless technology for low-cost, global, indoor tracking and monitoring of billions of assets.

Hefring Marine

Vessel telematics and sensory guidance for real time situation guidance, monitoring, insights and reporting.


Global Digital Accelerator for business development within maritime and transportation industry using matching algorithms like Tinder


Platform for Ship Recycling


Bringen OnBoard Wireless Connectivity to the Maritime industry


Creating virtual employees to handle the paperwork involved in international shipping

Con-Linq Aps

We develope tools to help freight forwarders with a quick change from a manual process to digital process in handling sea, air, road, courier and e-commerce shipments.


We develop applications to provide medical care if no doctor is around


GeoSpock reinvents big data organisation. Our database, GeoSpock DB, delivers high performance at extreme speed and scale, unlocking value for organisations everywhere.


Freightools.com (powered by FAST) is the next-gen SaaS solution for digital freight forwarders!

Nautix Technologies

Digital Work places for ships and shore personnel.


We provide shippers a real-time marketplace of available supply for drayage trucks


Spoolify is an AI platform to connect service related jobs in the maritime industry to skilled personnel

Arviem AG

Arviem solves the challenges of obtaining visible and intelligent trade by offering real-time end-to-end cargo tracking and monitoring services.


Helping to find the right ship for the best cargo online.


Improving seafarer safety by ensuring his qualifications


Creating and selling software on SaaS model, as well as tailored software projects

Seaborne Settlement Solution

Our goal is to create a settlement solution for maritime industry to guaranty instant payments in secure way.

PT Shipmanagement

The first full digital ship management company which covers all aspects of ship management services.


Safecube is developing physical tracking solutions for intercontinental shipments thanks to an innovative IOT solution connected to 0G Sigfox Network


eYARD is a cloud based technology platform that helps container terminal operators reduce cost and improve operational efficiency by reducing the number of unproductive moves