Maritime Startup Ecosystem Directory

Con-Linq Aps

We develope tools to help freight forwarders with a quick change from a manual process to digital process in handling sea, air, road, courier and e-commerce shipments.


Improving seafarer safety by ensuring his qualifications


End-to-end, cross company tracking and collaboration SaaS platform for the supply chain industry.

PT Shipmanagement

The first full digital ship management company which covers all aspects of ship management services.


Safecube is developing physical tracking solutions for intercontinental shipments thanks to an innovative IOT solution connected to 0G Sigfox Network


eYARD offers a cloud based Technology Platform that optimizes container positions and reduces considerably terminal costs.


Our vision at BOXXPORT is clear: we want to digitize the container service industry and make cooperation easier, faster and more comfortable for you – the market participants.

Sofar Ocean Technologies

Sofar builds accessible ocean sensing and exploration tools.


Mavisoft is a leading researcher in automated industrial surveying; We use Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twinning to analyze damages on assets for managerial purposes.


Geospatial intelligence and analysis, providing dynamic insights for decision support to a network of global clients in the defence, maritime insurance and cruise industries.


Portcast is a predictive analytics platform that provides transparency on cargo flows i.e. how much cargo will be shipped and when will it arrive.


We provide cloud based platform for ship owners and charterers to share ship data.


Global Digital Accelerator for business development within maritime and transportation industry using matching algorithms like Tinder


Explorate is a oceanfreight booking platform that enables shippers to book freight as easily as booking an airline ticket.


Bringen OnBoard Wireless Connectivity to the Maritime industry


Creating virtual employees to handle the paperwork involved in international shipping


We build portable autonomous underwater drones for confined flooded space inspections

We develop applications to provide medical care if no doctor is around


GeoSpock reinvents big data organisation. Our database, GeoSpock DB, delivers high performance at extreme speed and scale, unlocking value for organisations everywhere.

ARX Mouldings

ARX Mouldings provides long term risk prevention products for commercial vessels.

Illogic llc

Wearable edge IIOT computing device for remote assistance for maintenance/operation on ships/plants.


Shellock is a smart seal for shipping containers. We provide real time container tracking. We are bringing innovation to maritime and logistics industry with an affordable and easy to use solution.


Loginno turns shipping containers into data miners, unlocking disruptive benefits for the logistics industry


We are a collaborative platform simplifying all maritime container transport operations and processes for exporters & importers

FAST Applications Ltd. (powered by FAST) is the next-gen SaaS solution for digital freight forwarders!


To easiest way to manage your crew


C-LOG is Pioneering Data Collaboration across the Maritime Industry

Nautix Technologies

Digital Work places for ships and shore personnel.

We provide shippers a real-time marketplace of available supply for drayage trucks


The hassle-free platform for sharing maritime shipping information. Easy to use, secure and flexible.


Spoolify is an AI platform to connect service related jobs in the maritime industry to skilled personnel

ZShips International Community Contribution Company Ltd.

Wave Energy for Zero Fuel, Zero Emissions Commercial Vessels.

Arviem AG

Arviem solves the challenges of obtaining visible and intelligent trade by offering real-time end-to-end cargo tracking and monitoring services.


Upteko develops innovative drone solutions for the maritime sector

Helping to find the right ship for the best cargo online.


AMLab is an industrial robotics company with a retrofit solution for autonomous operations in ship-to-shore cranes.


We facilitate the inter-owner/operator optimization process of maritime parcel trades.

MatchBack Systems

Leading logistics SaaS company reshaping the marine intermodal industry with innovative solutions for container street-turns that reduce costs, improve efficiencies and eliminate emissions.


BunkerPlanner is a bunker procurement tool, which supports you in choosing the right Port, Volume and Grade of bunker, to minimize costs (1-3%).


Creating and selling software on SaaS model, as well as tailored software projects


We developed the i4cast® software: a smart system that supports port terminals´s decision-making by understanding the influence of ocean and weather conditions on each specific vessel.


Bertht is a decision support system for port berth allocation and quay crane assignment.

Vento Maritime

Providing operational marine weather forecasting services and consultancy for the offshore and shipping business sectors.

Seaborne Settlement Solution

Our goal is to create a settlement solution for maritime industry to guaranty instant payments in secure way.


We help simplify the cargo claims process between insurers and shipping lines using technology while reducing time and cost involved.


We utilise the power of AI and machine learning to collect, process and cleanse big data within the maritime industry to provide analytics solutions to the maritime insurance market.


Goodrop centralizes container tracking details from various shipping lines in one platform. Saving precious time for any actors within the supply chain.


Transmetrics provides cargo companies with an accurate demand forecast and network optimization based on AI and predictive analytics to increase their operational efficiency and reduce transport costs


Port-WiFi is a data connectivity partner for the Maritime industry


MapStand track the location of upstream oil and gas activities and company assets


Maritime Fleet Management for Technical Management


SecūrSpace provides on-demand access to industrial real estate across the US.


With Freightalia you can send beautiful quotes to your customers in real time. Know exactly when a quote was issued, when it was viewed, when it was accepted, and when it’s still pending.


TUGDOCK is a new patented modular floating dry dock.

Grieg Connect

Making small and medium sized ports and terminals highly competitive digital logistic hubs.

HARBO Technologies LTD

We transform oil spill response with the fastest oil containment boom on the market

Avetics Global Pte Ltd

Provision of confine space inspection in vessels using drones


Freight and Logistics technology solutions


project44 is the world’s leading Advanced Visibility Platform™

Ship Expert Technology Co.,Ltd

To provide innovative, efficient and reliable satellite communication for Maritime, Maritime ERP & Business Intelligence Solutions, IoT Solutions to the Maritime Industry


eOdyn developps its Omni-Situ technology measuring ocean dynamics (wind/wave/current) and associated services. eOdyn bridges the gap between machine learning, oceanography and seafaring.

Volteo Maritime

Reimagining maritime operations, one experience at a time.

KoiReader Technologies, Inc.

AI-powered Smart Operations & Edge Computing Platform for Maritime, Transportation, Logistics, Trade & Supply Chain

Naxxar Technology

An AI end-to-end security and visibility platform for the container supply chain using smart IoT container security seals with integrated automated insurance claims management.

Wine Dark Sea

Voyage Management Software


ioCurrents has built the world's most advanced predictive analytics platform for the Maritime operations.


Sensor devices and predictive analytics for improving safety and reducing operations costs


SIRM Italia S.r.l., is a leading companies in the supply, management and maintenance of electronic equipment and in the provision of Satellite services combined with maritime Cloud solutions

Cargologik Inc.

Cargologik is a beautifully simplified freight collaboration and communication platform that allows both forwarders and shippers to better stay in-sync and improve operations.


An innovative, technology company that offers to the shipping industry's stakeholders cutting-edge technologies which will enable them to optimize their performance and increase their profitability.


Marine Autonomous Framework and Cloud Sensing