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Our digital platform makes it possible for shippers (i.e. exporters or importers) i) to prepare, realise and monitor maritime container transport operations (with or without freight forwarders), ii) to work in a collaborative way with their partners, iii) to get visibility on flows and documents, and iv) to collect and analyse data in order to continuously improve their supply chain. Our solution is mutually beneficial to all its participants by design. Benefits include among other things: - important time and energy savings for the teams, - an improved internal and external visibility tool ensuring a better control of operations, avoiding for example containers blocked in transshipment or at port of discharge because a document is missing, - unlimited reporting / KPI possibilities that can enable shippers to be more effectively prepared for their annual negotiations with partners (e.g. forwarders and carriers).

  • We have signed up large international clients and increased our volumes at an average growth rate of 20% per month

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