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About BunkerMetric

Our product BunkerPlanner supports bunker buyers in reducing cost by choosing the right Port, Volume and Grade to bunker. Based on the most recent bunker pricing and availability information, as well as each vessel's consumption pattern and expected route, BunkerPlanner makes a recommendation on the optimal quantity and type of fuel to lift at each location. BunkerPlanner considers a wide range of operational constraints, such as tank capacities, margin requirements, commingling constraints, SECAs, fuel quarantines, and many others. Using sophisticated optimization algorithms, our application crunches through hundreds of alternative bunkering plans, uncovering thousands of dollars in potential savings, finding the cheapest bunker plan for each vessel. Benchmarks show savings of 1 - 3 % of total bunker costs. If this sounds interesting, please reach out and let us discuss how BunkerPlanner could help you lower bunker cost.



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