Freightools - Interview with Leonardo Zangrando

About Freightools

Freightools is all about helping Freight Forwarding teams be more efficient and effective using digital tools. It is the next-gen SaaS solution for digital shipments! With white-labeled set of tools, Freightools can turn any SME into a digital forwarder without huge upfront investments or an in-house programming team. Freight Forwarders still struggle with manual systems, weak visibility, and inefficiencies across their business which why Freightools has delivered a set of tools that resolve these issues and offers the SME forwarder market these solutions to safeguard their future business across today's global digital disruptors!

  • 10 additional paying customers added and turned into digital.
  • In response to COVID-19, and in order to support the freight industry, Freightools has launched a free use of PRO features until 01/09/2020.
  • First signed customers in USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Belgium.


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