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The i4cast® system has all the tools to support Port Terminal´s vessels operation planning. In a nutshell, it uses high precision hyperlocal ocean and weather forecasts and its influences on the vessel dynamics to determine the best sailing windows and cargo planning. By combining the hyperlocal forecasts (ATM OCEAN®) with the vessel characteristics (PRIME UKC®) and local navigation restrictions defined by local Maritime and Port Authorities, BEST WINDOW® allows the optimization of the sailing windows and the terminal’s docking operations. It can be integrated with any Terminal Operating System (TOS), so the terminal operator can have automatically quality data and dedicate his time to make assertive decisions. It allows a more efficient sailing window and the shipping of more cargo, more safely, without the need of expensive and environmentally impactful infrastructure works such as dredging and Port extensions.

  • Two more contracts in Brazil, starting an operation in China and participation in Bluetech, PortXL and Rainmaking acceleration programs.


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