Marified - Interview with Leonardo Zangrando

About Marified

Providing a Seafarer e-Passport to all marine crew, digitizing their credential for the ease of storage and sharing without the fear of losing their certificates when they are up in the ship. The Seafarer e-Passport also provide a career guidance roadmap to ensure that they always stay 'valid' in the industry. The SePass will ease the operation challenge of all shipping stakeholder as all information is collated securely and verifiable instantly.

  • 1. Pier 71 Top 10 finalists.
  • 2. Top 6 Finalists at The Captain's Table
  • 3. PortXL 2020 Cohort
  • 4. PIXEL Incubator 2020 cohort
  • 5. Received MPA Grant
  • 6. Partnered with British oil major BP
  • 7. Raised Seed Round on a parent company level


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