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Trames is involved in the business of international freight orchestration (IFO), with 4 key components: 1. Concise Milestones: Accessing carrier and third-party logistics (3PL) transportation plans with end-to-end shipping milestones updated live from global data sources. 2. Document sharing: Collaborate and share documents with supply-chain partners using blockchain-powered version controls. Relevant stakeholders to shipments can see when changes and updates are made immediately. 3. Proactive shipping management: Handle exceptions and potential shipment risks with global disaster feeds, overruns to planned milestones and disparity across different data sets (global and enterprise data). 4. Collaboration Tools: Multi-platform accessible chat supporting data visualization and new media (video & photo) sharing capabilities across supply chain members.

  • Became revenue generating; secured an additional client; won the IMDA Blockchain Challenge; Enrolled into Tribe Accelerator; Regional scale up with 1st client


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