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About VesselBot

Through the usage of AI technology and data, VesselBot Marketplace enables its users to identify the best possible counterparty within only few minutes, negotiate the price as well as the Charter party online and conclude the transaction in an automated manner saving time and money. The VesselBot Data Intelligence, provides the industry’s players with data and analytics, to enable them to gain a competitive edge. They gain more forward-looking insights and by making better business decisions they can increase revenue for their companies. VesselBot Intelligent tools comprise of distance calculator, voyage estimator, port catalogue, trading area search of open vessels based on laycan using proprietary technology, e-mail parsing and Data analytics for trading areas supply/demand equilibrium. Tools that optimize every day jobs allowing the shipping professionals to focus on value-adding tasks.

  • The launch of VesselBot's new products: VesselBot Data Intelligence and VesselBot Intelligent Tools


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